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I wrote these books to share with you messages of empowerment and resilience with the hope that they will help you to find in your own life: strength, purpose and love.


“Conscious Leadership reminds us to tap into the skills we all possess. It’s not doubt that each reader will self-discover important moments about their life journey and become better prepared for deeply authentic relationships. This book is a must read for now and many years to come.”

Michael T. Pugh

President & CEO

Carver Federal Savings Bank

It is within everyone's ability to switch on the energy attached to living consciously and stepping into leadership as a limitless enterprise. Conscious Leadership: 7 Principles That Will Change Your Business and Change Your Life, offers leaders from all walks of life insightful alternatives and practices that will enrich your leadership skills while bringing into alignment the whole you, with all your unique and essential humanness. When you operate as a conscious leader, present and engaged in lifting up those you lead and serve, you switch on your highest self, the human being you were designed to be. Remember this is not a dress rehearsal, but the real deal. Are you practicing to live your life or embracing your most powerful and luminescent self? The choice is yours to make. The real you can and will be more than what others say you are. Be courageous, be fulfilled and be the director of a joyful and meaningful life. Illuminate your ambitions to make a significant difference.


“Michael’s deeply moving account of his own personal transformation through the crucible of experience illustrates how we can transform ourselves to become the conscious leader we aspire to be. Becoming a conscious leader requires more than any intellectual understanding of the seven princples Michael sets forth in his companion book Conscious Leadership. The journey from head to heart is difficult. Even though our journeys may be different, we can still draw inspiration from resonating with the courage Michael displays in the stories he tells in recounting his own journey”

Tom Curley, Ph. D

Professor of Philosophy and Education

This is the true story of resilience, courage and the power of choice.  A spiritual sequel and companion to Conscious Leadership: 7 Principles That Will Change Your Business and Change Your Life, Dying to Live is a compelling account of the author’s life stories, from abandonment to enlightenment, shared with sensitivity, illumination and humor. Michael Bianco-Splann guides the reader through vignettes of his life’s adventures, the losses and successes and the treks into the dark night of the soul. Along the journey, great lessons emerged, creating the building blocks of conscious leadership and a life centered on the power of choosing love, compassion and understanding. Choosing to live means stepping into the real you, operating in the present tense and lovingly accepting the call and belief that one person can make a difference in the lives of others.

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